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EveHQ is an extensible character application for use in conjunction with Eve-Online.

Initially starting out as a character monitor and skill planner, EveHQ adopted a plug-in system where additional modules could be created independently of the main application which would extend the functionality of the program as a whole.

Several plug-ins are available in addition to the wealth of features already provided in the «Core». More details on the specific plug-ins can be found on the Overview and Features pages.

EveHQ is also a fully open-source application and the code for the Core and Plug-ins is available for download. This will enable you to write your own features and plug-ins specifically for use with EveHQ, or contribute to the main development project.

Anyone interested in the development side of EveHQ should start on our Development page to learn how to get involved.

2. EVEMon

EVEMon is a lightweight, easy-to-use standalone Windows application designed to assist you in keeping track of your EVE Online character progression. You can view your current skills and attributes, what you're currently training, and your ISK balance. EVEMon can track multiple characters across multiple accounts, so all your alts can be monitored through the same, simple interface.

You can also plan your future character progression, by setting up a skill training plan; or even just play «what if» with detailed listings of all skills and training times. Put Learning skills into your training plans and the times adjust automatically. EVEMon will even look over your plans for you and suggest Learning skills to reduce your overall training time!

EVEMon can save your character information in XML format, or as a text file. Your skill plans can be saved as EMP (EVEMon Plan File), XML, or text formats; and can easily be shared with other EVEMon users for easy skill build suggestions and sharing. EVEMon automatically adds or removes skills from the plan when a plan file is loaded by another user as appropriate to fulfill skill prerequisites, or to remove skills the user already knows.

When your character's currently training skill completes, EVEMon can notify you with your choice of a desktop tray balloon, a sound effect, or even an email sent automatically. Your skill plans will automatically update to account for the newly completed skill, as well!

3. Eve Fitting Tool EFT

4. EVE-Map download

* Jump route planner, includes use of cyno arrays
* Route planner, including use of jump bridges
* Sovereignty information
* Filters for many things including Ore type, Agents, Factions, Corporations, etc
* Highly Interactive Map
* Open Source under GPL2 license

5. EVEMover is a tool to move multiple instances of EVE online to their own monitors. It will also remove the titlebar and borders from the games' windows, so they will not overlap onto the other instances. Unlike EVE Launcher it will not start the EVE instances.

Usage: Start EVEMover, then start your EVE instances as you do normally. Configure your EVE instances to use windowed mode and to use the correct graphics card for the monitor they will be displayed on. (Hint: Press Ctrl+F to see the current frame rate. If the EVE window is displayed on a different graphics card then it is configured to, the frame rate will drop.) Switch to EVEMover, there you will find all running EVE instances in the «Running EVEs not handled by EVEMover» category. You will also find a list of monitors there. Now drag&drop the found EVEs onto the target monitors. That's all. You can now minimize EVEMover and forget about it.

6. Java Material Level Calculator
JMLC is a standalone tool for researchers. The program allows you to determine the material requirements of any published blueprint in EVE at any material level, as well as providing the ideal material level and various other statistics. JMLC (written in Java) replaces MLCalc (written in Visual Basic.) The program is now truly multiplatform, so long as you run it on a machine with an up-to-date Java Virtual Machine.

7. eve-meep
Eve-MEEP is a tool for industrialists in Eve-Online that brings together the full potential of the Eve API with calculators and metrics to provide the greatest advantage possible. Track your in-game transactions and finances, know your assets to a greater degree than the actual game can provide, plan your future investments, and more all from the same application.

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