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The configuration of VLANs under FC/RHEL/CentOS is something that I always end up looking in the «ifup» script and experimenting around with. This is made worse by there being two different conventions that can be used for the interface naming. Here's how I set up VLANs.

How to test SMTP if the good ol' telnet on port 25 method is gone: export CA=/etc/postfix/ssl/cacerts.pem export CERT=/etc/postfix/ssl/signed-cert.pem export KEY=/etc/postfix/ssl/key-nopasswd.pem openssl s_client -starttls smtp -CAfile $CA -cert $CERT -key $KEY -connect mailhost:25 original letter here

From Solaris 9 update 2, a new framework was introduced that would make it possible to select among a number of hash algorithms the famous one that would be used to compute the encrypted version of the passwords. Before that time, the traditional crypt () routine was used, limiting the size of passwords to 8 […]

BigAdmin is hosting a new tool : Installation Check Tool 1.0 The tool is actually an (68MB) ISO image to burn on a CD. Try to boot from the CD and after the Solaris 10 01/06 kernel is started, the tool will report all devices that were detected together with a flag mentioning whether there […]

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9, Окт 2006

Старый стал, склероз совсем замучал. Решил вот напоминалку оставить 🙂